Elevate Your Presentations with Qonqur!

Unlock the potential of your presentations with Qonqur's unique set of features, designed to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Gesture-Driven Slides

Harness the power of hand gestures to seamlessly navigate through your slides, ensuring a fluid presentation experience.

  • Intuitively control slide progression with hand waves.
  • Highlight and zoom using simple gestures.
  • Engage the audience with interactive elements.

Dynamic Content Mapping

Connect related slides, visuals, or data points in real-time. Turn your presentation into an interconnected journey that guides your audience.

  • Map out content in a nonlinear fashion.
  • Highlight relationships between topics.
  • Enable audience-driven exploration.

Voice-Activated AI Assistance

Command your presentation with your voice. Access data, switch visuals, or pull up references without missing a beat.

  • Activate slides or visuals through voice.
  • Let Qonqur's AI handle data retrieval.
  • Interact with your content hands-free.

Multimedia Integration

Enhance your presentation with a diverse set of multimedia tools. From 3D models to live data visualizations, bring your content to life.

  • Embed videos, 3D renderings, and interactive charts.
  • Sync content across devices.
  • Enrich your narrative with multimedia layers.

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