Revolutionize Brainstorming with Qonqur!

Tap into boundless creativity with Qonqur's cutting-edge features, creating an immersive space to birth and nurture ideas.

Gestural Idea Mapping

Physically drag, drop, and connect thoughts using intuitive hand gestures. Navigate your idea landscape effortlessly.

  • Seamlessly create and connect idea nodes.
  • Dive deeper into concepts with intuitive hand movements.
  • Re-arrange and re-imagine your thoughts fluidly.

Dynamic Brainstorm Boards

Create visual boards that evolve in real-time. Enrich your sessions with multimedia, from images to videos, directly on the canvas.

  • Construct a digital canvas filled with evolving thoughts.
  • Integrate multimedia elements.
  • Collaborate with peers in dynamic brainstorm sessions.


Articulate your thoughts, and let Qonqur translate them into visual nodes. Enhance your sessions with voice-activated creativity.

  • Speak ideas into existence.
  • Streamline thought capture without manual entry.
  • Seamlessly combine spoken ideas with visual elements.

For Creatives, Teams, & Innovators

Whether you're sketching out a new design, planning a project, or revolutionizing an industry, Qonqur is your ultimate brainstorm companion.

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