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"Finally! Sci-Fi information control."

What is Qonqur?

Qonqur is an early prototype for gesture control of computers like you see in sci-fi.

Try the prototype web app and support the future of this innovation.

Beyond that, it's a vision to bring sci-fi level spacial computing integrated with AI to everyone.

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Learn, Research & Brainstorm. Qonqur the universe of Knowledge.
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Browser Extension

Interact with your favorite sites using gesture controls.
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Present Ideas

Putting your audience to sleep? Qonqur their attention instead.
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How it Works

1. Plug in a Webcam

No expensive purchase needed!

Use your laptop, your phone or USB webcam

No virtual reality glasses needed

2. Hook up a Display

From TVs to Big Screen Projectors

3. Launch the App

Start exploring, researching and presenting!

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"Finally! Sci-Fi information control."
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